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The Xoxoday community is a forum where members can ask and answer questions about the products. It is a great place to learn and connect with other knowledgeable customers and get help on using Xoxoday products.

Since everyone here contributes and helps in shaping the culture of our Xoxoday Community, here are some important guidelines on behavior and expectations to make the community better.


Here’s how we recommend you to engage in the Xoxoday Community, in case you want to find answers to your questions quickly:

  • Select: From the hyperlinks, choose the topic you are looking for.

  • Search: Search for the best answer to your question. Someone in the community may have already asked and answered your question

  • Ask: Can’t find an answer? Post your question on the appropriate forum. Be sure to give as much detail as possible.

  • Accept: If someone gives you the right answer, remember to appreciate by using ‘upvote’.

  • Appreciate: If you like any topic/answer, do let the members know by clicking on ‘ I like this idea’ button

  • Report: If we see examples of bad language or abuse, it will be flagged for moderation by our moderators.

  • Respect: We have some guidelines that we expect all community members to follow. Please review them below:


We have guidelines that we expect all our community members to follow:

  • We encourage networking and collaboration: We love honest and respectful conversations about all things, so feel free to share anything about the confusing, surprising and awesome (especially the AWESOME!). No business or product challenge is too big (or too small) for us to consider and weigh in on Xoxoday Community. In fact, the more we post our questions and concerns, the more we all learn and grow.

  • We are respectful to others: We all come from different places and experiences, so, naturally, we’re going to encounter different opinions and perspectives along the way. In Xoxoday community, we’re committed to maintaining a positive and respectful environment where we can agree and disagree. All posts and comments need to be written in the spirit of creating a safe, supportive and welcoming community.

  • We want you to share what you know, not what you sell: People join this community to develop ideas, set and reach business goals, get answers to questions about Xoxoday products. Do you know what gets the way of all that goodness? Sales pitches, marketing plugs and shameless self-promotion. No matter how innovative or amazing your products or services are, we enforce a zero-tolerance policy when it comes using a public post to pitch or self-promote in any way.

  • We want to hear your concerns: We keep a close eye on things to make sure everyone is observing and following the same guidelines. However, if you notice someone on the site is behaving or communicating in a questionable way, please let any one of our friendly Xoxoday community hosts know immediately.